Saturday, November 20, 2010

I just back from Genting Highland


I just back from Genting Highland. Mini My Selangor Story gathering. Today I totally exhausted.
Final exam + 2 press conference and 1 gathering at the same day. Tomorrow is another long day for me. I hope I still can handle it.

Tired but I like this feeling!

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Canon 500D
Tamron 17-50 F5.0
Nissin Speedlite Di622


Joshu@law said...

Oops! I'm the extra

Zhi Yu Lee a.k.a. Victor said...

LOL, Joshua, the more the merrier =)
Nice photo,Feeq.

WenYi said...

i wasnt posing >.< damn ugly *wails* faster post another pic!!! XD

FeeQ said...

@Joshua we really happy u join us ^^

@Zhi yes

@Wenyo haha u failed la jie jie

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Would be great if u r inside the pict too =)

FeeQ said...

haha i camera shy XP

Dylan Phuah said...

i photoshop your picture inside...