Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nur Syafini Hassan Photoshoot - 13.4.2011

Just got back from Nur Syafini Hassan Photoshoot in Taylor's Lakeside Campus. Not a good idea to hold that heavy DSLR when I just had my gym session 4pm-7pm and continue with tennis practice 7pm-9pm. My hand a bit tired but I still having fun. Maybe because I love to take a photo?

#1 Not a good idea to shoot outdoor and do not bring demb diffuser :'(

#2 Does she have a cooperate looks?

#3 On the way back, bump into Awal Ashaari who are having a movie shooting in the Taylor's Lakeside Campus, Dunia Kita. From far saw him try to memorize the script but still willing to take a photo with Syafini.

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