Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cherating Trip with Bloggers

Just got back from Cherating. Really exhausted and sick max. Unfortunately, I gonna stay awake until tomorrow. Still have 1 assignment need to be done.

Somehow I fall in love with the beach. The best things to do every morning and evening is jogging at the seaside with iPod stuck on my ear!




I would like to thanks:

Advertlets and Holiday Villa for the sponsor trip.
Jason who drove us all the way from KL-Cherating-KL.
Nasri who shoot a video of us having fun.
Rebecca who be my roommate of the day.
Rebecca, Hanie Hidayah. Jason and Nasri who listening to my problem and guide me.
Sun who make my skin damn darker.
Horse who kicked me and make me sick to max.
Wai Kit, Dan Khoo and Diana husband who snap the photo above.

and last but not least..

All of you who reading my blog!

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