Friday, June 17, 2011

Chloe Mizumiyee Photoshoot #Part 3 in Taman Tun Park - 15.6.2011

This is my final part and check it out #Part 1 and #Part 2.

Every photo have their own story. Let me tell you one story about this photoshoot. 5 of us went to sky bridge that located at the top of the hill where it surrounded by the jungle. The moment that I shoot this photos, it was 7.15pm++ . When I just about to shoot my last shot (not in this post) I saw something that I not supposed to see. I was playing with storbis and I saw something between two of them. I do not want to talk a lot, I told them to go back early because I am hungry. So far, there is nothing happen to us and thanks god that things is not following us.

It's funny how strangers become friends, but it's sad when friends become strangers. People are not what they say, but what they do, so judge them not from their words, but from their actions.






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